Who are we?

STUDIO B. – Yoga & More

English Yoga in Poznań – Creative Art Space – Yoga for Cancer Patients and survivors

Are you an expat in Poznań and want to go for a yoga class but don’t speak polish yet? Are you an Erasmus student who wants to be in international community? Are you a Polish person who wants to listen to English without paying extra? Or you look for a space where you can relax while REIKI session without being judged? Studio B. – yoga & more – is a right place for you!


We created the Studio for you – people of Poznań. We don’t mean only inhabitants but also: students, visitors, expats and so on. We really feel that yoga is an activity that is developing more and more and you need it in your life’s journey. Our lives are constantly accelerating, we rush, don’t have time for family, friends neither ourselves. Therefore everyday we feel sick and tired, can’t find interest, happiness or mindfulness in life.

Yoga, Meditation, Reiki… these are just some of the activities that can help you regain the balanced state we all came to the earth with. Especially yoga – it gives you enough movement to keep the body toned and strong, helps your emotions grow and keeps the mind calm. Because the balanced state is the connection in between: healthy body – stable mind – and loving heart.

We all have to slow down at one point, because life is not only about job, money and archiving goals. Life is a place to live: happy, healthy and loved.

And this is what we teach in Studio B. – yoga & more.

In the studio there will be regular classes held mostly in English except POLISH Mondays, where classes are Polish only. Yoga for us means a service – service for people all nationalities, all genders, all skin colors and all beliefs. We are all the same, all equal. And many of you are not speaking Polish yet. And Polish people have a good opportunity to learn English.

In the Studio we offer classes of: Gentle Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Healthy Spine Yoga Workshop and yoga4cancer® classes starting February 2019.

More about the classes and the schedule check HERE.


My name is Paulina and I am trained Yoga Teacher. As a person who lived in UK, Germany and Italy before, I speak fluently English which is also the language I teach in my yoga classes.

My style is ISHTA Yoga, it is an acronym for the Integrated System of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. ISHTA teaching combines an experience of transformative breath connected with yoga asanas-poses (vinyasa) also based on anatomical alignment for a safe, supportive exploration of the body. To conclude my classes should be: safe, pleasant, sensitive, personalised to individual, encouraging the acceptance to student body and limits. I put a special focus to body alignment to maintain good spine condition, posture and release of the breath.

But my main point of focus is therapeutic side of yoga. In 2016 I graduated y4c® (yoga4cancer®) teacher training and in February 2019 I start classes for people touched by cancer in Poznań. I also graduated Master II Reiki training and organized workshops of Yoga for Healthy Spine in both Poland and Italy.

Right now I want to mix my experiences of ISHTA yoga, yoga4cancer and my dance background to help people in Poznań gain their health and feel better and more mindful each day.