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What is that „MORE”? Well its all I am more than just a yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner 🙂 In my life I used to do a lot of things. I used to play in theatre, dance, perform art projects and teach dance to kids and adults. But in this section I want to focus on 2 additional jobs that I am still doing and one more thing.

Wersja polska strony – KLIKNIJ TU.



As a part of my yoga training consist of Ayurveda it is still a big part of my yoga and nutrition journey. What kind of herb to use for different issues? What food to each to feel healthy and keep the body in good form? What kind of Ayurvedic Dosha am I and what does it mean for me? How it can effect my life or the life of others? Ayurveda gives you answers for those and many other questions.

I already did Yoga and Ayurveda Workshops in Poland and Milan and want to keep on going with them. Remember Ayurveda is not a magic – it’s an ancient Indian science of nature and the principles that rule the world. And for me it’s my own path to knowledge and wisdom so as my own path in life.



As in 2015 in Belin I met my partner Nico Stinghe – photographer and videographer – and also started a small photo/video production & collaboration together. First as his assistant, later doing some similar jobs on my own. Recently we are doing projects together mixing his experience and knowledge with my sense of esthetics and imagination.  Those projects consist of: backstage photos, fashion photos, directing, filming, editing, color correction and video effects and overall production.

Please check our websites and projects OR ask for more info.

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Studio B. Poznan

Studio B. Poznań

Do you need a bright studio for your photos or videos? Or maybe you’re a yoga/pilates/dance teacher looking for a fully equipped space to teach? Or you’re looking for a place to host your lecture or workshop? Studio B. is open for all those activities! We can offer Studio Rentals for an hour/day/longer periods for your actives and services.

Contact us for more information and for rental fees.