Yoga & Cancer

Support our crowdfounding campaign and let people with cancer do yoga for FREE


In February we start new yoga classes (in Polish) called Joga i Rak (Yoga and Cancer) that are based on methodology yoga4cancer® (short. y4c®). As Paulina – our main teacher and creator of Studio B. did the y4c® teacher training, she wants to implement this activity in Poland by creating free classes for cancer patients and survivors.

Unfortunately it’s hard to do it with no help. Cancer patients need a lot of comfort while yoga and they need twice more yoga props as we already have in Studio B. We need to buy more blocks, bolsters, yoga stars and chairs, as we use them all during y4c® classes. Moreover these classes need a lot of attention and arrangements which takes time – time we could use doing some other jobs that could eventually pay the studio rent.

That’s why we decided to create a crowdfunding campaign to raise founds and bring some light in the world. The light of a smile of faces of people whose health is lost and hard to regain. With these money we can arrange the studio for those people for some months (February-June 2019) but if you let us raise more, we can continue till the end of the year or even more!

Be a part of this change! Be a reason that makes someone smile.

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