Our Yoga classes



STUDIO B. is a place where you can feel the restorative benefits of yoga and other activities. Due to a very big community of English speakers we decided to create a studio, where those people can feel well and accepted, especially without a knowledge of Polish language. It might be also a place where Polish people could practice their English skills without paying extra. And Yoga… this is as good as it is for everyone!

Wersja Polska kliknij TUTAJ!



In the Studio we organize regular classes/workshops of:

GENTLE HATHA YOGA – Traditional Hatha Yoga practiced mindfully, slowly and gently – most suitable for beginners. You learn each class some new yoga poses that can help you regain your balance, work out muscles with slow pace and connect with your inner self. Level of the class: beginner/ open. 

VINYASA FLOW – Vinyasa means connecting with your breath. Each class is based on a sequence of yoga poses and the breath on or out in between. It’s more moving class, to create the strength in your core, improve balance and tone the muscles. Level is open, so both beginners and intermediate students are free to join. 

POWER YOGA – This is the most advanced yoga class in the studio. We mix Vinyasa sequence with advanced yoga poses like arm balancing or inversions. Best practice if you want to tone the overall muscle strength, burn calories and improve your perfect body. And be prepared for a lot of sweat! Level: intermediate-advanced. At least one year of regular yoga practice is required. This class in English only.

HEALTHY SPINE YOGA WORKSHOP – 2 hours workshops when we learn the principles of the spine structure, emotions that are held in the back and exercises based on yoga that are helping to reveal the pain and keep spine in good condition for long. Each workshop is focused on one part of the spine: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral. Workshop is taking place once a month, please check the dates below.

YOGA4CANCER® – a speciality class tailored for those touched with cancer. Class is based on yoga4cancer® methodology that came to Europe from US. The founder, Taki Prinster, is a yoga teacher and cancer survivor who knew exactly how to adjust and change the yoga poses so cancer patients and survivors could benefit from them. Level: beginner/open. Language: Polish. This classes are free of charges and for cancer patients only.


Due to space change all classes and workshops are suspended till September 2019.

If you want to have an individual English Yoga class – contact us:

EMAIL: info@yoga-poznan.com
WhatsApp/ Text/ Call: +48 608145070
PM on Facebook: Studio B. – Yoga with Paulina